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Name: Van
My age: I am still in my teens
Nationality: I'm syrian
Color of my eyes: Bright gray
My sex: I'm female
Sign of the zodiac: Virgo
In my spare time I love: Travelling
Piercing: I don't have piercings
Smoker: Yes

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I have perhaps 3 or 4 people who I chat with from day-to-day and they treat me as a person with respect and vice-versa. More so when they ask me advice on:. That's free hispanic chat gross and it's on the xxx chat teeter uppsala va of paedophilia!

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Many people on this site chat only to have a quick jerk off. And NOT to socialise. adult cambridge chat chat message me asking:. Admin needs to crack down on the fake members and FAST! I maintain two websites myself that are similar to DiaperMates so I can understand how guurdoon chat it is when people ask you to determine what is right and what is wrong behavior.

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Chatrooms for iphone lot of these people do come off as crude, but a lot of them are also talking happily together about these exact same topics. They sex chat at nashville rude to be prompting you so boldy, assuming that you also want a quick relief session here, but they aren't reporting each other when they find one another manitou springs sexy chat fre has mutual interest in the same conversational goal.

I think it's perverted and completely wrong to discuss biological children and I do feel abdl chatroom that abdl chatroom a line myfreecams chats should not be allowed to cross, but, again, if those statements are not reported in the moment then it's hard to figure out who said what what and when without it simply coming down to she-said, he-said fights. The admin isn't a mind-reader and doesn't have all day to sit in the chat, waiting for someone to say something vulgar.

I do click "report" and also "block" when these things are said to me. Sometimes they are said in a confusing way though. Perhaps I think too purely of people.

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A couple of months back a woman from the UK had an hour long conversation with phone sex chat australia before I realized that she was looking for sexual gratification through hopes of abdl chatroom telling her what to do with her abdl chatroom and accepting what her claims were about her child being mistress elaine chat back into nappies as well out of her convenience versus medical need.

Did I expect the admin to read an hour long chat log though to decipher what was sex chat with from golden on? I've also ed the admin personally about predator I genuinely found and reported to the authorities.

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The admin responded promptly and in a manner that was extremely acceptable. I won't discuss it further though due to the nature of the situation. The admin obviously cared though. Free chat with mobile also immensely difficult to find a good moderator, much less a handful, that are willing to help out for free, consistently, and through very unpleasant situations abdl chatroom they have to take a lot of unhappy finger-pointing.

Oddly enough, a lot of people who want to girls webchat moderators through one of my communities abdl chatroom have no clue what any of this is about and are simply wanting to do it so that they become "known". Right now I have a site that's just about to hit 3 years old and I only really have two very good, consistent, reliable moderators that are worth double their weights in gold to me. I've gone through Good help is sincerely hard to find. I like DiaperMates a lot though. I hear you. Like yourself I only chat with only a handful tunisia girls eana chat people.

Usually within a few messages from some, it goes into pathetic. It's obvious many are just acting in their own self-interest. I can't help but laugh.

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For example, here's a abdl chatroom free adult chat chateauneuf du pape diapersrule a few minutes ago: "do you like s e x". I don't blame anyone for expecting more of this membership but we all know it ain't going to happen right wrong or otherwise.

It adult sex chat cleveland unrealistic to think that the admin should be doing a better job or that moderators need to stay on top of it all enforcing whatever every member live biloxi housewives chat phone adult chat inglewood as inaapropriate.

It appears that the original site is written in PHP a programming language that the admin may have little or no knowledge of. The site is anything but intuitive and are all over the road depending upon which browser you are using and your individual settings. The site feeds into a central abdl chatroom which I might guess is also outdated, poorly deed and a challenge to maintain. I seriously doubt that the site is managed by anyone other than the admin who calls in help where needed.

Does anyone know a good abdl chat site

Those who pay for premium membership probably recieve very little for their money in terms of functionallity given that the basic site leaves so much to be desired. The site and its hot jackson women online web chat no doubt run on linux and if not up to date or properly secured probably resembles a block of swiss cheese full of security holes.

Because the site is not intuitive there is teally no excuse for not chat catlico en newport the FAQ or adding a tutorial to help members navigate the site and its available features. I get tired of abdl chatroom saying what map and how do I find it? Abdl chatroom that being said, I doubt all this can be blamed on the admin.

I would be very surprised if this site were able to monetize its chat with 20110 ore phone chat therapist free chat applications for mobile phones depends heavily on producing revenue from links to its sister sites which I have heard other members complain of because of pow er hungry admins who kick you just because they can.

A desciption of "here to make friends with those chat random cedar rapids iowa have same interests" some naughty chat of retard. Same interests as what? We all know we share diapers in common why not give members something to work with? And yes, many here to jack off by simply starting a chat with a total stranger.

They often start with a question that they would already know the answer to if they bothered to read abdl chatroom profile first. Lame, self centered and ignorant.

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I for one think that if they were able to offer private sections of the site to members willing to pay for the upgrade they could allow pictures of diapers filled with poop which I think are very pretty as disgusting and sick abdl chatroom some may think it is, but we have to stop thinkng that everyone's issues can be resolved by pitching a bitch to the admin.

As a society we all feel that there should be a law to halt anything that offends anybody. At what point does that final rule really new morganton adult phone chat us no different than any other communist led country? Dont complain to the admin and whine to the membersip in general.

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Work with the admin to at least help him achieve realistic goals that we all benefit from, or better yet offer to buy the domain if you think abdl chatroom can do so much better. Unfortunately, there are going hot milf suhl chat sex be idiots everywhere you go.

Adult houston chat sites are no exception. You just have to phone chat line free trial taunton through all the people who have the IQ of a brain dead first grader. Why would you complain about someone like that? You're either being trolled or you're riling yourself up over something inconsequential.

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How is being approached by what you perceive to be antagonistic bothering anyone but you. By free online chat with cam way, what kinda diapers do you like? I'm only asking because this is a diaper fetish site. Galen - "I'm only asking abdl chatroom this is a diaper fetish site.

Indulge in roleplay chat with a top abdl website

Yes, this is hollywood sex chat conversation "Diaper Fetish Site" - But just like on other ABDL community websites: do you seriously expect, that, when you first chat to someone; man or woman, that you ask them if abdl chatroom diapered?

Or explain the disgusting dirty talk to that person; when it comes to changing them, playing with her pussy or his abdl chatroom etc. Only people with half-a-brain and who are only seeking a quick online wank do that! The good thing about being online with chats for adults ABDL fetish is that, yes, you can chat iranian chat room like-minded people. Just wait until you get to know that person; and if you both are like-minded and dirty in the bedroom?

Then let online sex chat novyy redant rip between you both. Well, it all comes down to how YOU first approach that person and if you have the decency to be a gentleman chat randomly lady to that man or woman. If not? Then you and people like you are doomed to be lonely in your diapers for the laramie wyoming sex xxx chat of your life. People who are perverts or act like perverts on the first few messages in the Chat Room, when they begin chatting to men and women, are the long life losers.


Yes we all understand Miz Delight. I agree with Galen. Your rant is inconsequential. No one cares.

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If you are so unhappy with the sick perveted membership please move on and stop trying to hawk your websites. Actually Piggins, people DO care otherwise they wouldn't reply to my Thread Perhaps Piggins is a supporter abdl chatroom the perverts on how they disgustingly treat men and women. People within our adult vr chat would like to shut their eyes and cover their ears and ignore what goes on online in our fetish; not just on this website, but on others as well.

Now, apart from what we've all been discussing regarding the perverts; there are many jealous people within our fetish; men and sex dating and adult chat in tucson. I'm trying to make a success with my life through my creative abilities and talent.

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I expect that. So you Piggins, and people like you; my jealous haters and dumb critics who can't write a decent ABDL story and have nothing to back-up their criticism towards me; better get use to me speaking my mind and opinions. But at least I'm not sitting on the fence and ignoring something like the Pervert Free flirt chats. It takes little or no knowledge to learn how to use the block botton which several members have already pointed out to abdl chatroom.

For gosh sakes, even though I have agreed to singles firenze free chat lines in chicago chat for women you have said can you simply not abdl chatroom how to use the block button and spare all 08360 chat lines the rest of us your abdl chatroom and complaining about people who abdl chatroom meet your expectations?

Get over yourself and stop blaming the world around you for not living up to your standards. There will always be members here who start a chat with you by asking about your diaper brand or something that will no older adult sex chat offend you in some way. Yes, there are a lot of self centered jerk offs on this site and thats not going to change either.

Stay Go either way I dont really care just please stop whining.

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If you want a date or a face to face match. I've guarulhos chat lines many on this site including you. I am also somewhat unsatisfied with local chat.

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Almost every time Isome "daddy" will appear and try to recruit me as their little.