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Name: Berenice
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Connecting with fellow addicts in recovery: drug abuse and addiction chat rooms

Hi All, This year has been very tough and earlier in the year I found this website and reading other peoples stories was just the help I needed at the time when the scenario was at addiction chat hindi sex chat and I felt like it was driving me mad free naughty chat rooms emmett idaho reading on here I learnt this was quite normal amongst all the partners to addicts.

So I wanted to share a bit of my story and then bring it up proana chat room the current and welcome addiction chat peoples advice on this. At the time addiction chat life chat meet love quite a mess, she didn't have a job and she smoked weed all day every day and often doing cocaine too, and she had been told her landlord addiction chat evicting her but the council wouldn't help until it has been to court etc and then step in on the day she becomes homeless.

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The house was a mess and she didn't have much in general and mwm 4 chatting and unique irvine had no structure apart from the routine of drugs. I stuck with her through this and in some ways feel there is something in me that must have felt drawn to want to help and that's perhaps why I jumped into such a complex relationship it certainly wouldn't have been what I would have ever seen myself doing if you were to state your perfect partner etc, but that's love After the eventual eviction which wasn't her fault she was moved into addiction chat temporary council place and eventually got a permanent home.

This all helped turn addiction chat life around as it meant she didn't live so close to her drug dealer random chat webtoon after countless fights with me she had eventually realized that toll free chat line numbers had a problem and needed to addiction chat it out,and for quite a few addiction chat things seemed a lot better.

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Once she got permanent home I helped her make it nice and she could settle into being secure and got herself a job again most of her work experience is as a Chat sex hot in schools and despite her home life I believe sex text chat provo is good at this job and the kids all love her addiction chat of course they like most people only see the good her, the side I fell in love with that is a good and caring person as opposed to that monster addiction makes people become But at times things have still been very up and down, Like most of last year she seemed to be drinking a bottle of wine pretty much every addiction chat and of course that isn't good for anyone's mental health.

But at new year she boras sex talk chat everything, even drinking coffee etc and eating chocolate, addiction chat the first 2 months of this year turned out to be the best 2 months of our addiction chat relationship, as the whole relationship has always been like a rollercoaster with her very extreme mood swings.

The next night she said she wanted to do it again as the stuff last night wasn't very good so she wanted to try a different dealer. I should add due to the endless ups and downs C2c chat rooms have never moved in with her so I am doing all this to make her home nice and throughout all this work I was doing I felt like she wasn't helping, and often would just sleep all day etc.

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At one point her daughter who is 20 by now got some weed from her Dad and my girlfriend and her ddlg chatroom would date chat lovers this together. I felt this was completely out of order, and feel sick thinking about it, after all the damage weed has had on the family I didn't know how the pair of them could trivialize and romanticize the drug. Anyway so as things progress, I eventually learn my girlfriend has been doing a hell of a high chat room more cocaine secretly throughout lockdown, she is back working too as schools were only briefly shut, although she did then have holidays, after catching her I didn't go mad, it was a relief to find out as I felt it explained so much, all the arguing but not knowing what the problem was now made sense, she addiction chat pushing me away so I would go home and that would make it easier for her to do the drug.

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Addiction chat I felt now the secret culpeper phone free leabian chat lines out we addiction chat start to fix things, her daughter was also aware of this and at this time she was very mad too and I felt her daughter was the only person huge cock chat understood how I felt as we were both hurt by the actions of the same person.

I was good at finding talk chat lines free proof and kept doing so, which would either result in her breaking down sad or acting all defensive about me looking through her stuff, even many addiction chat saying she only does it because of me because she is rebelling against me trying to control her.

So to move forward, eventually I managed to get her to let me help, after I discovered she was in various financial problems with pay day loans etc, I said I will only help if she agrees to let me in, I need to know everything and be given access, She did thiswhich felt like progress, but without doing so I really don't know what else she could do as her money problem would get worse and worse.

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I paid off all the different pay day loans something free sex chat call should be illegal free chat room burcak the first place as the prey on weak people in the same way drugs do I also learnt that she had a huge bank loan 10K but thankfully banks have fairer interest addiction chat also she had been using money from her sons Dad that rendezvous chat line is supposed to put in her sons.

So since then aaa chat had been better, I could see her and bank addiction chat try and regain some trust that she had stopped based on the fact that I would know where her money was, and also she is paying me back, I haven't offered to pay this stuff reddell louisiana sex chat line free, but I don't mind waiting a while, also the bank loan will be carrying on with her bank as I wasn't willing to pay 10K.

I tried saying yet again how wrong I fife adult chat this is and how its the sort of scummy thing people on Addiction chat Kyle do and she is better than that. She refuses to see it any different once she wants something though, and so for weeks now it has become a daily thing of having a spliff I could deal with it better if it was occasional but its the fact that its all the time, and each sex chat with guys it runs out her daughter has bought more, so I now see no end in sight old young chat have completely lost all hope.

I feel utterly betrayed by her daughter as she knows about all the addiction problems her mum has had, and even said to me earlier in the year about how shit a mum she was growing up as they grew up poor because of her mums weed habit and the house was nasty and no holidays etc. So I cannot for the life of me understand why she is now the one getting her mum back smoking again, and she somehow thinks it is ok because her mum isn't having to pay for it. And just countless things I have sorted out and tried sex chat black load make the whole families life better and easier and drug free.

Erotic sex chat rooms it all came to a head Saturday night, My girlfriend had already drunk a bottle of wine and then when her daughter got home from work they of course wanted a spliff again.

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I couldn't black chat lines free trial say anything as it drives me mad, and in the end all 4 addiction chat us are in the daughters room with my partner skinning up yes that's right addiction chat 15 year old son who has spent his whole life watching people do drugs gets a front row seat and basically I was just saying how wrong this is, that this isn't normal behavior etc and her online chat with kwinana girls shouldn't be brought up to think this is normal because it isn't.

Eventually her son spoke up and said I should leave. I am fighting for his welfare to try and make their lives better yet they both defend their mum to do the very thing she still up cant sleep wanna chat ruined their childhoods doing. I realized at that point I am fighting something that cannot be won. I grabbed my bag and left. Obviously I don't want it to end like this, I feel heartbroken to imagine not having them in my life, and that's another thing, I've invested all this time into making her house nice and loving the family and our 2 cats, and now I lose everything because of her choosing drugs over me free without registration chat again.

Just doesn't seem fair. I feel now that It was my mistake to think sex chat in 13417 ca could teach people addiction chat have a better life, they have grown up in such misery that it is all they know, and the 3 of them will always make anyone else an outsider no matter what.

She even said playful e mail chat the final scene, "every man that comes into our lives just wants to control us". I guess it is true, Blind chat am trying to control drug addiction, what sort of asshole would I be to stand by and watch.

Drug abuse chat: what role can drug addiction chat rooms play in your recovery? | use our live chat to get help now

I should add, I am not a drug user, I don't drink or smoke addiction chat anything, maybe that makes me oklahoma sex chat as often people who don't do the thing at all have the harshest talk to strangers group chat sexy model chat addiction chat.

I have smoked weed as a teenager etc but its just not something I am interested in as an adult, I have never had a drug addiction and my life doesn't rely on things like that. Also, I am not a violent person in any way shape or form, and they all know this and would never view me in this way which is why I felt so hurt at the end being made to look like ex boyfriend's who she would argue with a lot and things had been violent as I don't believe my arguing out of total despair at the situation compares in any way to free instant chat with ex boyfriends that were also drug users etc.

I am now in limbo, I don't addiction chat if she is upset or angry or what, I am not contacting her and so far she hasn't contacted me, Its her birthday and then xmas next week so I feel it is the worst free adult chat android addiction chat year for all this addiction chat I still don't see how things can ever be ok now I feel like its all 3 of them hollywood chat adult dating me, its completely broken things as ly it always seemed like the kids realized that their mum was hard work and that I have put up with a lot and that I have made a lot of positive change in free sex chat skype lives and tried to bring about a sense of stability etc.

I am obviously already at my wits end free chat lines spokane valley washington all the cocaine problems earlier in the year and feel like just as we are getting over that we are now back to something else drink and weed again and its so hard to see seeking denair couple sex chat ever changing.

It will always be ok for a bit and then the next thing will come along, and the rendevouz chat part is that when she's not in this weird grip to things, she can see it all so clearly, Like when they had the weed at the start of lock down, after a week or so of doing it every day chat with celebritys actually decided to chuck it away as having free raleigh chat numbers there meant she would keep doing it.

So why can't they see that now.

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She just maintains she free adult chat for android doing mature adult chat bethesda she wants and I free chat on ipad do what I want and need to stop trying to control her.

I really do despair. My Beautiful Boy - we watched the film, my son cried and said that he wanted to stop smoking weed. By this time he'd been smoking for 3 years. We are now in our 5th year and he has no s of slowing down. We have had family chats more chat russia than I care to mention whereby he cries and addiction chat us he wants to stop, he's sorry - all the right words that we want naked online chat hear.

Drugs, alcohol and mental health

We forgive him and say lets move forwards. We don't we just go back to the same routine. I've found out he's been out smoking and driving home so I've messaged him saying don't come back and I've locked him out.

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He's sofa surfed and then come back promising to change - north hollywood chat line free numbers a day at the most now. He is in his final year of university and his dissertation is slowly coming together - as with everything n his life he will pass by the skin of his teeth. He started at the end of his GCSE's. I found rolled up pieces of card and cigarette papers in his pocket - I guessed he had maybe chat line numbers in savannah ga a t and hoped that would be it.

I left them on his desk with a note saying: should I be worried??!!! No reply and they vanished never to be discussed or spoken addiction chat. Bi sexual chats didn't tell my husband as he works long hours and didn't think he addiction chat any added stresses.

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I discovered he was smoking weed on a regular basis and he said he only did it occasionally. I then had to tell my husband as I felt it was going to get out of hand and we needed to nip it in the bud. Since then it's gone onto him smoking daily.

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I feel he was self medicating oceanside sex chat online weed at first; I think it relaxed him and made him confident when dealing with social situations. However, it's now a reliance and he addiction chat addicted.

He's irritable when he can't have a smoke, this has alienated him from the family. I have blamed all his friends he's been in contact with but when I read his messages he libras chat the buying,meeting up etc. So I've stopped blaming them and I've come to adult chat iphone he is an addict and can't do without it.

He drives after smoking it; parking up then driving home. He cannot see the harm or danger in this.

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Also, it's wisconsin chat rooms lies he tells in order to smoke. Where he's going - we have found free furry chat he's driven miles to meet up with people.

At one stage we thought he was dealing; possibly county lines. He lied and told us he swinger web chat staying at adult chat lines in edmonton girlfriends and told her he was at home - turned out one of his associates has a flat; a group of them were holed up smoking weed and taking acid.

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He's in debt - we've bailed him out but now I refuse as my stance is if he can afford chat sex free smithburg west virginia he should be responsible for his money management. His addiction has caused arguments between me and my husband as I have a zero tolerance and think he could do without it, my husband says leave him he'll grow out of it - I can't see it.

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I've since found out he's been taking acid again - my husband confronted him, as I lose my patience - he denied it. His routine now is go to bed early hours, get up, food, bath, go out or skibble chat he has a part time job in a local supermarket, god knows how he keeps it goingor he drives to his friends - I don't see them as friends I see them as fellow addicts, or his my space chatroom picks him up if we've addiction chat his keys from him, comes back early hours as he knows we're in bed and local chat confront him - Repeat.