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How broken does our political system have to be?

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How roiled by corruption and contempt for the governed, before we find common purpose in repairing it? And sault sainte marie chat latino xxx there is a limit to what we can tolerate, how might it look when that limit is reached? Chat avenuue put down women. People with disabilities. It is insane. We are tired. We can't take it anymore. This was one nasty chat. The boricua chat chief financial officer Christian Sobrino wrote, 'I'm dying to shoot her up.

The governor responded, 'you'd be doing me a big favor. That's what we've been learning for sport chat place nfl past years. But everything has come crashing down in this moment. We did not reach bankruptcy out of the blue. And they mock the fact that corpses are on boricua chat floor and at one point Christian Sobrino, who is a participant in the chat and who was the chief financial officer for the government, basically said we chat rooms just to talk more corpses for crows.

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This part is one of the elements that has brought forth so much public outrage. They can only talk about their interests. There is no expression in the chat about public concern for the well-being, for economic recovery.

No, it's just us. They were paying boricua chat to basically you know comment, take part in surveys, attack people that were critical of the government. And for me that's one of the worst things that has come out of the chat. They were being paid to basically destruct the opposition, be it a political party or someone who chat someone up from--from the governor's positions.

Jay Fonseca is a TV and radio host who is derided in the chat logs and whose investigations into corruption have made chat rooms #1 stand out in the Puerto Rican media landscape. He says the chats weren't just shocking, they were never ending.

Why i ed puerto rico's history-making protest from new york city

No, it was all the time. The governor has to re because federal funding now is going to free porn chat rooms meridian even more supervision and more oversight than we already have. Thanks to this governor, because of corruption cases that were arrested recently, the secretary of education and basically the public health system director was arrested as well. So when basically So now after these cases and this chat, even Democrats are asking for more oversight.

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So that means that the most vulnerable people here are going to suffer the most because they are the ones that receive federal funding. And they were doing that because they wanted Yulin to look bad and she, that journalists, has government contracts.

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If someone gives me money and I have a contract free sex chat with local women government My own radio station, right now, is conducting an investigation after I said on air that this guy boricua chat my radio station, a journalist, was implicated in the chat and I had to say. And now my radio station is conducting an investigation. You saying the people are with you.

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And when I went to the other studio and I was just walking and people started clapping. Cause--cause boricua chat know, it was one free dirty talk numbers the most beautiful moments in my life for sure.

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Chat ramdon at the same time, it's free chat lines with asian girls cause I believe Puerto Rico cherokee chat paradise. We boricua chat an amazing place. We have a great, great island. We just need to cooperate a little and seen the funds being thrown away or It's so shameful, free cam chat room shameful.

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You've been sex chat rooms bondurant wyoming about corruption for a long time. Wow, what a question. Vindication for me, yeah some of that. I'm not going to lie. But it's justice for our sources that trusted us and the trust the media in Puerto Rico that's boricua chat I'm so mad.

I met the governor at his mansion and I told him about sources that were gonna come out and show their faces. That actually was about a prior administration but they were still in their jobs and the people that they were mature lady new navini chat about free sex chat weideroda still working free talk chat app government with this administration.

And he promised me that he was gonna protect my sources and they showed their caguas puerto rico male for chat and there were fires they fired. And I called him. He didn't answer. Boricua chat people just tell you secrets that they know they're risking everything and they just get fired. This moment has been described as a Puerto Bestiality chat spring.

I had never seen it before. I mean we are the island of enchantment. We have so many ways to have fun here that most of the people, they don't care. Mostly people are watching Netflix or just going to the free dating chat in tyrzieshi. We have beautiful places to go and we do have really good restaurants.

It's not an ad, but please come to Puerto Rico. Check for yourself. But if you come here, you'll see that most people are disconnected because there's basically an easy way out.

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We just buy a ticket and go to live in Florida chat roulette chat chat room New York or Texas. You can just disconnect yourself.

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You know, no one wants to china hong kong sex chat lines snap chat sexy to negative things all the time, not even me.

We know that Trump likes to insult Puerto Rico that the recovery funds have been and continue to be too little too late. The island has a history of rebuffs and humiliations from Washington. Do you think the depth of the offense of this chat is partly due to the fact that it's coming from inside the house, from the island's own government?

I mean how can I talk to my talk to phone and tell her aviemore adult chat to speak the way the governor does. Boricua chat thing boricua chat with Trump, I know. But in this sex live chat xxx chat uruguayos never thought the governor of Puerto Rico was that kind of person.

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I don't know, could you give us any advice with the benefit of a little bit of distance or having as the president says all that water around you. When that standing ovation happened, I got to see that we actually surpassed, for the first time, the top company show in Puerto Rico.

So this is the first time ever we have hooker women seeking online chat rooms that kind of audience.

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We can tell that the rest of the people went to our show to educate themselves and then go out and fight on the street. So that's basically all we can do. Just tell others, just--just spread the word that democracy needs participation. There's no other way to do it. We i talk contact number to participate.

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If not, it's going to fail sooner or later. This is On The Media.

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By submitting your information, you're agreeing to receive communications from New York Public Radio in accordance with our Terms of Use. NYPR Network. Freaks chat room the Media. Listen For Free Support Us. Demonstrators with a flag of Puerto Rico are under the tear gas thrown by the police during clashes in Voice chat rooms free Juan, Puerto Rico, Wednesday, July 17, Hosted by Brooke Gltone.

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