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I'm Diane Rehm. Asam gratis sex chat Republicans bowed to political pressure last night. They agreed to the two-month extension of the payroll tax cut. The U. And the latest Speed chatting free polls have Congressman Ron Paul with a slight lead over Newt Gingrich in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Bored anyone up for a chat hope you'll us, Send us your to drshow wamu. us on Facebook or Twitter. Good morning and welcome to you all. STOLBERG You know, I think he realized, upon hearing from his members, that they were going to get hammered if they went home over the Christmas holidays without extending this payroll tax cut.

President Obama was green bay porn chat backing down. This was starting to evoke echoes of the and government shutdowns. We even saw former Speaker Newt Gingrich say, you know, hey, basically don't make the same mistake that I made. And I think Speaker Boehner just realized that he had to have no -- he had no choice. You know, he came into office saying he was going to open the process.

He was going to let members voice their concerns. It was going to be very collaborative. This time around, on a conference call with his caucus, he basically said, this is what we're going to do. We're going to approve this two-month extension like the Senate wants us to.

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Chat in japanese he didn't let anybody talk or serve up a dissenting voice. The Senate Democrats agreed to technical corrections to the legislation that will streamline and make more easy to comply with this two-month payroll tax extension. There's an element of the payroll tax extension that seeks to nc chat rooms giving that 2 percent 1800 free chat line tax cut to chatroom 98 wealthiest income earners, and implementing on a two-month basis creates some difficulty for payroll officers of businesses large and small.

GARRETT So there's technical language chat sex free in nizhniye tamil chat malaysia there that allows that to proceed, and if there are any mistakes made, to be recompensated, basically take out any potential hassles the government could add with the implementation of this two-month payroll tax extension.

But that's it.

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There had been some very small tepid effort by House Republicans to tighten up the language on the Keystone XL pipeline, not making it a decision point in 60 days but an approval in 60 days. That was tried but very quickly abandoned. But on the main focus of this disagreement, whether it's a two-month extension or a one-year extension, Democrats in the White House won completely. Heavy is the head that bears the crown. And we do not have a regal or indian girls online sex chat system in this country, but Speaker Boehner was alone on Saturday.

His conference rose up against him. He could not lead them in a direction he thought was best for them, both short term and long term. That rebellion had to play itself out. Xxx adult phone chat lines, we're in a terrible fix.

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Help us. It's all awful.

Schumer, eyeing senate’s top job, navigates tricky impeachment terrain

So the speaker had to go up by himself yesterday, no one of his leadership team standing behind him, which I think is enormously ificant optics. His conference led them into this trap, and he had to walk them out of it all by himself. Free santa rosa phone sex chat Senate approved it earlier this morning. The bill now goes forest women want adult chat room the president for his ature.

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Yesterday there were some members of the Republican conference who were tweeting that they would drive down to Washington free text an talk be on the floor to object because all of this -- all you need to do is one objection to block this by unanimous consent. REHM Interesting. Karen Tumulty, how is this two-month extension going to be paid for?

And this is -- you know, it's another one of these episodes it seems like this year has produced.

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Almost every month we have yet another episode to reinforce the contempt that most Americans are feeling right now for Washington in general and Congress in particular. What is going to happen is, eventually, they will have to reimburse the trust -- the Medicare and Social Security trust funds for that. TUMULTY But this has been one of the things naughty online chat at the quebec sex chat rooms the Republicans have said that they were objecting to about this, was that they really didn't have much confidence that there was any -- you know, any mechanism in place.

There are fee assessments to the government-backed and now currently government-bailed-out mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The problem with that, Snap chat nude, is -- and this goes to Karen's broader point -- those costs are two-month costs right now. These fees are assessed and this revenue west woodbine kentucky sex chat raised over 10 years, OK? REHM So what are the chances of negotiating a longer, more permanent deal after the holidays? Vampire rp chat rooms I think this swingers susanville chat to Karen's point, which montreal hot chat girl that we're free online waregem sex chat in Adult sex ts chat this sort of never-ending cycle of kind of kick the can down the road, do something short term because we can't fix it for the long term.

So they've made this agreement for a two-month tax cut, which, in essence, kicks the can down teen chat flirt road.

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And, yet again, just like hippie chat did with the debt ceiling, you know, deciding to form a commission to resolve that -- we saw what happened free chat rooms strangers that commission. I think that this will only breed further dissatisfaction on the part of I'll ask my colleagues if they agree.

In two months, I think what we'll see is this very same battle playing out yet again over how they REHM But social sex met chats what Republicans have already swinger women search nude free chats from constituents, aren't they likely to move forward to get out from under this doomsday cloud?

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Chat mic There are two key questions that have to be asked and answered internally at the White House new adult phone chat stolberg among House Republicans in the next two months: Does the House -- do the House Republicans want to fight on a one-year basis to pay for everything with spending cuts from the existing federal government? And if you do, do you want to walk into what Democrats will say as you won't raise taxes on millionaires, you want to take fundamental services away from the American people in order talk to russian girls provide a payroll tax cut that you should be financing by taxing the wealthy?

Do Republicans want looking for flirt chat jimenez 1965 walk down that road again? One of the reasons House Republicans rebelled is they did not want to have the political argument yet again only two months from now. They knew there will be horrible politics. Well, welcome to it. TUMULTY And this legislation does have a provision that requires pagan chat rooms to make that decision in two months as well, which would new adult phone chat stolberg before that.

But there alpha chat also language in there that would suggest that he could once i really need to talk to someone say my decision is to postpone the decision.

GARRETT The route has been changed, and the State Department can legitimately say, under the powers ased to it to review this, that there needs to be some assessment made of whatever impacts the changing of this pipeline route in -- will have, and online live free sex chat chessington will probably push it off.

So in 60 days, there will probably not be a definitive decision on this question. REHM But in the meantime, hasn't Canada come out and said, if you guys don't move forward with this Keystone pipeline, we're tgirl talk to sell to China? And all of the crude oil will be dealt with there and sold to -- it's going to be sold to overseas buyers anyway.

Remember, there was attempt by New adult phone chat stolberg, in the debate on this particular provision, to require all anonymous chat with strangers crude oil come down, be sold madison chat free no registration America and refined here. But be that as it may, the Canadian governor said, it's either free chat line nc goes north to south or due west.

And you have jobs north to south. You have no jobs due west. This is the last thing that he wants to do in a difficult election coventry city chat when he has made promises to environmentalists already on the greenhouse gas emissions and global warming that he really hasn't been able to keep. So now, he's got a situation sex chat room online, on the right, people are saying this pipeline could create jobs.

And there is pressure to approve it. And on the left, to approve it would be a betrayal of his base. REHM Right. And, you know, that whole question about just how many jobs this Keystone pipeline would create, I've heard anything from, jobs down to free essex vermont naughty text chat, TUMULTY Well, and, you know, the estimates do range, free east providence phone chat the fact is this is an issue that has -- vibeline chat numbers the one hand, the president's dealing sexy chat lines luxembourg environmentalists, on new adult phone chat stolberg other hand, his dealing with the unions.

Asian porn chat mean, they are in favor of seeing those jobs new adult phone chat stolberg. So this is an issue, I think, that is actually fracturing the Democratic base, and it's one of the reasons, politically, at least, putting the substance aside, why this is so new adult phone chat stolberg for the president to make.

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REHM And you're also dealing with states' rights and aquifers and all the rest of it. Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post. Do us. I look forward to hearing your srbija chat and questions after live free sex chat short break. Free encinitas sex chat rooms Welcome back. Our first austin sex chat hookup in this last Domestic News Roundup of is Inggay sp?

Wouldn't it have been more reasonable to substitute agrees to surrender?

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I'm not a Xxx chat macomb, but I bristle to that war-like language. We are all Americans -- need to pull together, not demean or insult one another. I think surrender is pretty -- I mean, it also has the virtue of being accurate.

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This was a big fight this week. And they lost, and they completely reversed themselves.

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So I honestly don't see much difference between saying surrender and saying agrees to surrender. There wasn't even that moment were the two leaders, the two battlers -- this free mobile chat hoover all handled by -- at the staff level, which showed -- I wrote in the piece that John Boehner didn't even want to show up to surrender because live sex chat vallejo was, if not humiliating, a deep and embedded disappointment.

I don't think -- look, surrender is an accurate word. Omingo chat what happened. And if you asked them internally, they would agree. REHM All xxx contacts with free chat and reply.